• Why choose Active Iron?

    Iron food fortification and oral iron supplements are limited by either poor absorption or poor tolerability. Very frequently, both occur together. The reason for poor absorption is that only ferrous iron is absorbed using a highly regulated divalent

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Our Story

Our Story

Iron is the only nutrition deficiency common in both developed and developing countries. It is the most common cause of anaemia and is prevalent in women of childbearing age, children and older people. The current world market is dominated by a range of poorly absorbed and poorly tolerated products. Active Iron was developed in a response to global need to produce an iron product that is both tolerable and easy to absorb….

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our advanced formulation means Active Iron delivers clinically proven better absorption of iron sulfate. It is also kind on you because it helps protect the stomach from inflammation and damage associated with other iron products. Terms and conditions apply

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  • I have never had a problem taking it Active Iron – no side effects, no constipation or tummy problems

  • For teenagers to take it, it says a lot!

  • I’m telling all my friends about it, can’t recommend it highly enough!

  • They’re brilliant and gave me the boost I need everyday to kick start my body.

  • I found it was very easy on my stomach and made me feel more energetic.

  • I felt it was easy on my stomach and really helped me feel human again.

  • After trialling it I felt it was working well and very easy on my stomach. I would recommend Active Iron to friends

  • I am very happy with it, I don’t have that constant tiredness that I had before. I find I don’t need the same hours of sleep that I did before, I wake before my alarm.

  • I have told loads of people about it and I wouldn’t recommend unless I actually believed in it. I never had a problem taking it – no side effects, no constipation or tummy problems.

  • I find this product has far fewer side effects than some of the traditional OTC products and really helps me get on with my day without any distractions.


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