Healthcare Professionals

How informed are people about iron deficiency? In the UK, 45% of people say they don’t know enough about iron deficiency. In fact, 40% say they don’t know what their own iron levels are.

As a Healthcare Professional, you will meet many patients with symptoms of low iron. These might include tiredness, cold hands and feet, pale skin, brittle nails, frequent infections, and a general feeling of weakness ( You will also know that compliance with iron products is poor due to the potential side effects.

Active Iron peer-reviewed research which is soon to be published in Acta Haematologica.
Main finding of the research is as follows:

  1. Active Iron is better tolerated by gut cells than Ferrous Sulfate.
  2. Active iron is better absorbed than Ferrous Sulfate by all measures
  3. The main benefit of Active Iron is in people with lower haemoglobin and iron stores.
  • 1.

    Not getting
    enough iron in food.

  • 2.

    Have heavy
    menstrual bleeding.

  • 3.

    Cannot absorb iron
    well in your body.

Iron Research

  • 1 in 3

    Women need twice as much daily iron as men and up to 1 in 3 women need more iron in their diets.*

    Sinclair LM, Hinton PS. Prevalence of iron deficiency with and without anemia in recreationally active men and women. J Am Diet Assoc. 2005;105(6):975-83.

  • upto 80%

    of people taking iron products report side effects, especially stomach pain, heartburn, constipation

    Pereira D. et al. A rapid, simple questionnaire to assess gastrointestinal symptoms after oral ferrous sulphate supplementation. BMC Gastroenterology 2014, 14:103.

  • 30%

    stop taking oral iron, putting them at high risk of health problems

    Survey of n= 1138 women in UK and Ireland and Gereklioglu C, Asma S, Korur A, Erdogan F, Kut A. Medication adherence to oral iron therapy in patients with iron deficiency anemia. Pak J Med Sci. 2016;32(3):604-607

How it works ?

How Active iron is better

Active iron targets the right place for absorption, the DMT -1...
...protects the gut from inflammation and reactive oxygen species...
...and is well absorbed.
By targeting the "iron absorber" (DMT-1), most of the 14mg Iron in 215mg Active Iron daily dose absorbed.


Other iron products dissolve in the stomach or lower intestines...
...cause inflammation and reactive oxygen species in the gut...
...and are poorly absorbed.
200mg of dried ferrous sulfate contains 65mg iron and 135mg sulfate. 10% is typically absorbed (<7 mg).**** The rest may cause side effects in the gut***