Active Iron is a new, ground-breaking iron supplement, designed to solve these problems. What makes Active Iron special is that it is contained within a special protein microsphere made from denatured (inactivated) whey protein. This means that the iron is carried to where it is needed – the small intestine. The iron is then released in response to normal pancreatic (digestive) enzymes.
This unique way of transporting iron in ‘microspheres’ not only helps to protect the gut from damage but also means that it is better absorbed.
Unlike conventional iron supplements, Active Iron is so gentle it can even be taken on an empty stomach. Simulated models the scientists used to investigate gastric and intestinal damage confirmed Active Iron generated significantly less reactive oxygen species and had better viability in gut epithelial cells.


Active Iron is the only iron formulation designed to protect the gut and target the body’s normal iron gateway, the divalent metal transporter DMT-1.

The DMT-1 is an Active Transport System. When body iron stores are low, the DMT-1 absorbs more iron. When body iron stores are high, the DMT-1 absorbs less iron (Figure 1). This means Active Iron delivers more iron when the body needs more.


Figure 1: Active iron absorption is higher when iron reserves are low.
Active Iron is tough on tiredness because its advanced formulation improves iron absorption. It is also kind on you because it helps to protect the gut from inflammation and damage. Unlike other formulations, it is also gentle enough to be taken on an empty stomach.
As Active Iron only uses denatured whey-protein and encapsulated ferrous sulphate – this means that it is suitable for vegetarians. Women can rest assure that they are achieving dietary targets and taking a form of iron that is well absorbed.


• Thanks to the targeted mechanism, the iron within Active Iron is released in the small intestine — where it can be scooped up by DMT1 — and not in the stomach where it would trigger oxidation and unpleasant side effects.
• Active Iron contains 14mg iron per capsule – equivalent to 100% of the Nutrient Reference Value.