What is really interesting is that of the 9 out of 10 women who have experienced extreme tiredness, 27% have had to stop taking an iron supplement because of its side effects and a further 54% say they would stop if there were side effects.
So what does this mean for women in particular who suffer from tiredness and need to take oral iron to increase their levels? It means that at the moment, a lot of women are going without iron because of the side effects and not getting the boost they need to feel their best.
Active Iron is an advanced formulation that protects the digestive system and that helps women quickly boost energy levels and combat fatigue. It’s tough on tiredness with a double delivery system, which means that users get better iron absorption compared to normal supplements. Its also kind on you, without the familiar side effects of other iron products . For the many women who have suffered from the usual symptoms of constipation, diarrhoea, unpleasant aftertaste and upset stomach, this could be the solution. Active iron delivers iron to where it is absorbed making it more effective but without the usual problems because it helps protect the digestive system.
Active Iron has the same amount of iron as 17 cups of raw spinach in a handy daily capsule. Its better absorbed and gentler than other iron products. Active Iron, it’s time to discover you, your best self.