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Active Iron sets sights on global expansion

Since its launch in late 2016, Active Iron has been growing strongly in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. The ground-breaking iron product was brought to the market by Cork-based life sciences start-up Solvotrin Therapeutics.

Active Iron was developed by Solvotrin with scientists at Trinity College Dublin. The new technology uses a unique iron-whey protein complex to ensure iron is released in the small intestines, where it is most readily absorbed.

Unlike traditional iron formulations, the iron-whey protein formulation modifies release, provides gut cell protection, yet increased absorption. This can allow lower administered doses and, coupled with the well-established anti-oxidant properties of whey, can improve the gut tolerability of oral iron.

“Constipation and diarrhoea are two facets of the same general problem with oral iron administration and also a major cause of side effects and poor compliance in patients taking oral iron,” says Professor John Gilmer, Trinity College Dublin School of Pharmacy.

“The problem arises because only a small fraction of high dose oral iron is absorbed, and the excess iron transits to the bowel. There it causes cell damage through a combination of redox activity and dysbiosis. It is widely accepted that the solution to the problem is to reduce the dose of oral iron while increasing the fraction absorbed to maintain efficacy while reducing impact on the gut.

“Active Iron was designed to maintain efficacy at low iron dose. A small dose with high absorption from the gut means greatly reduced impact on the colon,” he says.
The need for more effective, better tolerated oral iron formulations is global and affects up to two billion people worldwide. [1]

Many people who need to supplement their iron intake may benefit from choosing Active Iron, however you should always consult your doctor before supplementing. During menstruation and pregnancy, women who need to supplement may benefit from taking Active Iron as it does not cause additional cramps or negative gastrointestinal side-effects.

Similarly, active exercisers who supplement their iron intake may benefit from taking Active Iron so performance is not impacted by nasty side-effects. Blood donors can benefit from taking an iron supplement if they are unable to replenish their iron stores through diet alone. However, dietary supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

Active Iron is suitable for vegetarians, lactose-free, and safe for anyone aged 12+ who may need to supplement their iron intake. Kind and Strong, Active Iron works with the natural flow of your body to deliver iron without any unwanted side-effects. [2]

Studies confirm that our formulation doubles the amount of iron absorbed, while being so gentle that it can be taken on an empty stomach.
CEO of Solvotrin Therapeutics, Pat O’Flynn says:

“Evidence suggests around 80-90% of people who take iron supplements report side effects.[3] 30% of people will stop taking iron supplements due to these side effects.[4]

“Solvotrin is committed to developing cutting edge science to address unmet needs in the market.”

Active Iron is looking forward to an exciting new chapter in the second half of 2018 with the launch of two new variants: Active Iron & B Complex+ for Women and Active Iron & B Complex+ for Men.

The new gender specific products contain the ground-breaking Active Iron protein formula along with new Active B Complex +. The Active B Complex+ targeted release system ensures optimum absorption of all vitamins and minerals.

Active Iron & Active B Complex+ for Women is specially formulated for women to tackle tiredness and support healthy hormonal activity. It also supports healthy skin, hair and nails. Along with high strength B Vitamins it contains folic acid and no vitamin A, making it suitable for those who are or might become pregnant.

Active Iron & Active B Complex+ for Men is specially formulated to help boost energy levels, support muscle function and mental performance, whilst contributing to the normal function of the immune system.

Both products are kind enough to take on an empty stomach whilst being strong on absorption when needed.

“At Solvotrin we recognise the importance of tailoring our products to meet our customers’ needs and we are looking forward to bringing two great new products to market this year Active Iron & B Complex+ for Women and Active Iron & B Complex+ for Men.

“These are the first of a range of new products we intend to bring to the market over the next 24 months,” says Sinead Cowzer, International Marketing Manager.

Active Iron is also ready to launch into several new markets including the US and Germany.

“Bringing the benefits of Active Iron to more consumers around the globe is a key goal for Solvotrin and our global expansion plans will see us becoming available across several new markets,” says Ronan McClafferty, European Commercial Director.

Solvotrin are looking forward to exploring new opportunities to expand the Active Iron brand for kids, pregnancy and specialist health in 2019.


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